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Creative Jewellery Designer
Nikita Agarwal

My affair with jewellery started when I was born. As My dad was a jeweller, so I grew up in the house of jewellery. From a small age my Dad had me helping him with his business and I think it sparked my interest in jewellery. And after it my interest get voice when I studied jewellery Designing at IIGJ, Jaipur and started working within the industry over 8 years. Now me and brother (Milan Agarwal) we're taking our Dad's business to the next level with our new ARIT by Agrawal Gems brand which is focused on bridal polki Jewellery - Kundan Meena and Open Polki. 

Mr. Murari Lal Agarwal

My father “MR. Murari lal Agarwal” founded this jewellery business, in 1981. he is the one who introduce the jewellery business in our family but there is a lot of struggle behind this success as he was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth but the dream was big. So he worked hard to achieve his dream. his career started at the age of 11, he first worked in a cloth store, after 2-3 years he joined a diamond company. There he came to know about diamonds and polki, in 1981 he risked doing something by himself. He embarked on a journey to sell polki diamonds.

The journey started from INDORE, MUMBAI AND BIKANER and he stumbled and kept learning. Slowly and steadily he became a good polki trader, not only this he started investing his earnings in small jewellery and selling them in low margins and how he started the jewellery business, now he is a successful businessman. Today he has become a family jeweller for over 1000 families. He is known as Kaka in Indore and people wait to buy jewellery from him. His sole purpose is that once customers come to them and they should never go anywhere.